Our Philosophy

Our work should be based on evidence-transformed examples which guide us toward a proven treatment approved by nature.
It is easy to observe the biological protocols that organize the two natural dentitions, understanding how to seek the DV, ORC, curves, etc., in both "Full Rehabilitations" (deciduous and permanent teeth) will enable us to systematize our high complexity treatments. This clinical management is summarized in one word: D.A.T.O.
The D.A.T.O. protocol will guide you in the diagnosis, treatment plan, in a clinical order that will simplify the complexities of the case putting into order even the steps of the final cementation of restorations.
D.A.T.O. will allow you to choose different types of materials and current or distance techniques since its foundation will not change within time. The reason for this is its integrated biological principles.
Finally, we could say that D.A.T.O.’s philosophy will try to form an individual who is not only a dental technician who solves problems, but a passionate man who enjoys the efforts which lead to success in life, respect for patients who are the reason for the existence of our profession, the recognition of our peers, due to the dedication and effort, as the joy of having a job that is part of the best moments of everyday life.